Since dealing with Tristan from SoapRocks Australia each time he has been extremely helpful and his service has been fast and friendly. SoapRocks Australia’s products are beautiful and anyone who sees them comments on them instantly. I actually love them so much I want to keep them all for myself. As a matter of fact next time I will order extra so that I can. Don’t give it another thought, go ahead and try this product today, you won’t be disappointed!
Lin Lowry
SoapRocks are a real talking point when my clients see them.  They are amazed at their colour, shape and scent and astounded that they are soap!  Their moisturizing qualities are a big appeal, those with sensitive skins can’t get enough of them and especially parents that are conscious of their childrens’ health return time and again for SoapRocks because of their gentle cleansing.  Palm Stones are perfect for those unsure about the soaps, which they are soon sold on how special they are and return to buy the larger SoapRocks. Wonderful product for body, soul and environment and will always take pride of place in my business and my home.
Marnie Chattaway